Historical villages of La Segarra

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Weekend to learn about the history of la Segarra, the Roman city of Iesso (2nd century BC) the Romanesque and medieval vestiges of Torah (10th and 11th century), the Vila closa of Montfalcó (17th and 18th century) and the Baroque 18th-century University of Cervera


Places to visit:

  • Iesso (Roman-679): We are approaching the Guissona roman, we moved back more than two thousand years when the Romans arrived and founded the ancient Iesso. The wall, the entrance, the houses and the terms we serve to meet the Roman splendour of the town and we will offer the only chance of walking through those streets. Guided tour of 1 hour is included in the package. Address: C/ del Tint, 2. E-25210 Guissona (Lleida). Tel: 973 551 294. E-mail:museu@guissona.cat
  • Vila Closa of Montfalcó walled area: it is one of the architectural jewels of the lands of Lleida since it is a small village of the medieval period (XI century) built on a hill and that occupied a strategic position for surveillance and defence in the time of Christian Reconquest. It became the scene of various contention wars. During the Catalonian civil war (1462-1472) there were gathering forces in favour of King John and the reapers war (1640-1652) and it was used as a place of refuge for Catalan and French forces. There is only a single access to the interior of the walled area. The houses are arranged around a small Plaza and the alleys that intersected with a radial structure.
  • The village of Torà: Municipality located in the Llobregós Valley, at the confluence with the stream of Llanera, on the border with Solsonès and Anoia, where you can find many places of interest of great beauty
  • Tower of Vallferosa: unique, in many of its features, is considered the masterpiece of European military architecture of the 10th century. The Tower evolved as a stately residence. The building, now disappeared, was about 11 feet high, and probably used as an internal Union in the Tower, which today is the tunnel closed to the entrance and you’re in the height of the entrance of the original tower of the 10th century. The entire complex was the castle of Vallferosa
  • Guided visit of Cervera: El Mirador de la Pergola is the start of the visit, and it offers a panoramic view of Cervera and his wall. Next we will visit the University of Cervera, one of the largest works of Catalan civil architecture created throughout the 18th century. His chapel or Paraninfo separates the two of the three patios that are distributed throughout the building. The visit continues to the High Street, where you can find unique buildings that have had a glorious past, stately homes such as Cal Sabater or marqués de Campmany. The visit goes through the Witches Alley and afterwards, we will visit la Paeria or city of the Plaza Mayor. Guided tour included in the package. Address: AV. Francesc Macià, 78. E-25200 Cervera (opposite police station mossos d’esquadra). Tel: +34 973 534 44


  • Segarra’s Palouet Hostel: Old Manor House that has retained the charm of its stone walls, as well as interesting details, the press, the wine cellar and various decorative items, tools and utensils from the farmer. Swimming pool, Sauna and Wi-Fi in an environment full of noble halls.



Informations pratiques

The package includes
  • 1 night in a double room with breakfast
  • Dinner at Segarra’s Palouet Restaurant
  • The remains of the ancient Roman city of Iesso guided visit (Guissona)
  • Guided visit to Viewpoint, University, Alley of the Witches, main street, main square, Town Council from outside and the Church of Santa Maria
  • Visit on your own the Vila Closa of Montfalcó walled area, the village of Torah and the Tower of Vallferosa
  • Tourist information of the route.
  • Travel Insurance. (Check the conditions here)

*Accommodation and special rates for groups

*Price per person. Minimum 2 people

The price does not include
  • Tourist tax to pay directly to the hotel
  • The transports are not included
  • Visits in English, Catalan and Spanish
  • The experience is not accessible

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  • Biosphere Certification – Sustainibility Lifestyle


  • Once you have purchased the package please contact Tu i Lleida, SL to make the reservation.
  • All booking is on request subject to availability.
  • The purchase of the package is valid for 6 months from the time of your purchase.

Cancellation Charges:

  • 50% of the total amount if you cancel your booking with less than 48 hours
  • 100% of the amount if you cancel with less than 24 hours.

*We offer you the opportunity to take out a cancellation insurance policy. (Check out the general and particular terms and conditions here)

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Historical villages of La Segarra

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Historical villages of La Segarra


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