Miravet is a village that appears to defy the laws of gravity. It was built on the crest of a steep hill in the crook of a meander in the Ebro river, an exceptional vantage point that is now one of the loveliest villages in Terres de l’Ebre. We invite you to take a walk around the living history of Miravet.


The historic centre of Miravet is a network of houses overhanging the river and clinging to the mountains and cliffs. The centre, in the Plaza Mayor, is actually the starting point for this guided route, which is free for children up to seven.

Among its typical porticoed streets, old houses, charming corners, spectacular views over the river and its greenery, there are reminders of the more tragic moments in its history. On the houses on the Calle del Riu you’ll see plaques to mark the flood of 1907, which completely destroyed the village. History is present in Miravet.


The aftermath of the Battle of the Ebro

The village was also an eyewitness to one of the bloodiest episodes in the Spanish Civil War, the Battle of the Ebro. Its effects can still be seen in the numerous demolished and abandoned houses. As you gaze at them you can imagine the sound of artillery. The town centre is also home to the old Renaissance church, well worth a visit, which was built between the 16th and 17th centuries by order of the Hospital. Did you know it was built on the site of a former mosque?


Spectacular views from the Templar castle

There’s still one even more historic building in Miravet, the Templar castle dating from the 12th to 13th centuries. This is an imposing fortress surrounded by a 25-metre high wall that appears to rise up out of the rocks, and is located even higher than the village. It was conquered in 1153 by Ramón Berenguer IV, who donated it to the Templar order. This is the origin of the Templars’ name –they were both knights and monks at the same time and took up arms in the 12th century to protect Christians making the pilgrimage to the Holy Land. You can enjoy spectacular views of the surroundings from the various terraces in the castle.

Is your camera at the ready?