The segway is the most futuristic version of the skateboard, and has become one of the greatest aids for anyone wanting to go on wine tourism routes in Catalonia. The people at the J. Miquel Jané winery are aware of this and propose a five-kilometre route to explore this wine producing corner in the DO Penedès.

It’s agile, it’s non-polluting —it works with an electric engine— and it’s easy to drive. These are the three basic reasons that explain the success of the segway for wine tourism. Anyone can drive them –you only need some basic preparatory notions beforehand, and off you go!

The squadron of segways departs from J. Miquel Jané winery on an entertaining and exciting itinerary featuring a photo safari amid vineyards, footpaths and mountains. You’ll visit traditional workshops, reservoirs, observation points, springs and places of local and cultural interest. The itinerary lasts one hour and a half and is led by an expert with knowledge of the area. If you need a translation all you need to do is request it beforehand, as there are guides available for eight different languages.

The route ends with a tasting of five wines from the J. Miquel Jané winery, some of which have received internationally renowned awards such as the Sauvignon Blanc, winner of the gold medal at the 2015 World Sauvignon Competition. The testing is accompanied by samples of local produce. If you want to round off the morning, you can also book a char-grilled lunch at the winery itself. You’re sure to find an afternoon whiled away amid vineyards totally restorative!