The Montsec Astronomical Park is the best showcase in Catalonia for star-gazing. Do you want to know why? It’s considered a Starlight Reserve by the Starlight Foundation, which is backed by the UNESCO. That means that the sky has very low levels of light contamination and ideal conditions of darkness. Are you ready to observe one of the best night skies in the world?


Although your eyes will be glued to the sky, you may not be able to prevent yourself glancing at your companion to see their reaction. They’ll be amazed when the dome of the Montsec Astronomical Park draws open before their eyes to reveal one of the most spectacular starry skies in the world.


Gastronomic stopover at the Hotel Terradets

This takes place in the evening. Previously you’ll have arrived in the morning at the Hotel Gastronómico Terradets, located at the foot of the Sierra del Montsec and Lake Terradets. You can spend the afternoon relaxing until dinnertime in a setting that guarantees total seclusion from the outside world. You have a table reserved at the Cal Maciarol restaurant, which offers traditional home-cooked cuisine from the pre-Pyrenean area of Lleida, made with totally local home-grown produce.


A journey into the past

The second day of your stay could be entitled “a historic journey around Os de Balaguer“. You spent the night among constellations and planets –and now it’s time to travel back to the past. The Las Avellanas monastery is an old friary from the order of Saint Augustine located in Os de Balaguer. This is where the historic journey begins. It continues on the crest of a hill overlooking the town, and is the site of the fortified castle. You can finish your day in one of the most interesting museums in the area, the Museo de las Campanas, or Bell Museum, where you’ll learn all about the features and musical tones of the bells, how the skill was learned and what it meant for the life of the community.

These are two days to discover a whole array of heavenly and earthly delights in El Montsec.