August is the month of the grape harvest. This is when then grape is at optimum maturity and, therefore, it is time to be picked. In honour of this highly significant moment for wine growing in Catalonia, we have some suggestions of activities to gain a greater insight into it. Walks through the vineyards, exquisite tastings, inspiring routes and much more. Prepare your palate!

Penedès, land of wine and cava

At the foot of the Ordal mountains lies the municipality of Subirats, the largest in Alt Penedès. Since the beginning of time, its land has always been perfect for growing vines and at Cellers Carol Vallès, they will explain the reason why. Its long tradition in family-produced cava led them to market it 20 years ago, but this did not affect their continued commitment to their traditional production method. Discover their wine cellar and their vineyards with a guided tour. Immerse yourself in the history of cava and accompany the experience with the Km 0 brunch offered by them. This is something between breakfast and lunch with traditional local cold meats, overlooking the vines.

Architecture, gastronomy and nature in Alt Empordà

How would you feel about enjoying a private tour of vineyards and olive trees, a trip back into medieval times and the most exquisite local products from the region? Your guide-chauffeur will accompany you on this private tour beginning at the small family plot of La Vinyeta, where you will sample the authentic countryside breakfast and their main wines. Next stop: the monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes, with visits to Cap de Creus. Next, you will discover the medieval town of Peralada with a very special visit to its castle-museum. The Gothic-style church, its cloisters and the library will take your breath away. And the finishing touch to the day, a glass of cava al fresco.

Discovering ecological wine growing step-by-step

The origins of Torres date back to the 17th Century. Five generations of work and effort have built this wine growing business; you will be immersed in its history as you wander through its Mas La Plana vineyards, a small 29-hectare vineyard where the finest Cabernet Sauvignon grape is grown. You will discover its ecological methods used on its land and then you will visit its breathtaking Waltraud bodega, at an altitude of 550 metres. It is located in the municipality of Santa María de Miralles, and its panoramic views will be the perfect backdrop for the tasting of three wines with Km 0 cheese and meats that awaits you.

Adernats’ commitment to new wines and cavas

If you are looking for a 100% wine experience to enjoy the wine nuances, sensations and aromas, this is the one for you. You are in the Costa Dorada, surrounded by vineyards and a modernist wine cellar, one of the so-called Wine Cathedrals. It is the wine cooperative of Nulles, which this year is celebrating its centenary anniversary. Loaded with this history, they will take you on a guided tour of the vineyard, where you will contemplate an exceptional environment and discover the richness of the climate and the land. In the wine cellar, you will learn more about the architecture and how wines and cavas are made, as well as tasting 3 white wines, 2 red wines and 3 Adernats cavas accompanied by some local products.

You can get to Can Nadal de Boadella by electric bike

This is the activity proposed by the estate which dates back more than 65 years and has 100 hectares of vineyards. Pick up an electric bike at the Lavern-Subirats station and arrive at Nadal in less than an hour. Once there, you will visit the vineyards, the farmhouse, the bodega and the founding wine cellar, built in 1943 and more than 20 metres deep. This is where the bottles are stowed and you will witness the second fermentation. To complete the experience, the much awaited tasting of Nadal X Blanc and Reserva and Gran Reserva Nadal cavas cannot be missed. By the way, if you come with children, an amazing treasure hunt will be organised for them.

Discover the peculiarities of the Terra Alta wine cellars

Did you know that some people compare Terra Alta to Tuscany? Both places served as inspiration to artists and geniuses throughout history, such as Pablo Picasso, who lived in the region for some months. It lies at the foot of the national park Els Ports and wine culture can be seen in every wine cellar, some of which were designed with a modernist style in the 20th Century by César Martinell, one of Antoni Gaudi’s students. These are some of the interesting facts that you will hear on this tour of the two wine cellars located in the municipality of Bot. It is a wine growing sub-area characterised by a very unique climate and mountainous landscape. You will discover all the secrets of the Terra Alta DO, recognised in 1972, and of course you will taste it.