Fun. Different. Daring. These three words guarantee the expedition will be a success with your kids. It’s easy to make it happen with a day spent canyonning in the Catalan Pyrenees: a different way for the younger members of the family to experience nature.

In Sadernes, in the heart of the Alta Garrotxa Area of Natural Interest, there’s a unique corner where you can experience your first leap down a canyon: Los Estrechos de Sant Aniol. In fact, experts in canyonning consider it to be suitable for the whole family.

Anyone aged seven and over can descend the canyon

This is a beautiful canyon for beginners, with turquoise waters and ideal for spending a day out with the family, as children aged seven and over can descend the canyon. And the experience is even better when supervised by an expert. A guide will provide you with equipment and explain the abseiling technique, and how to scale the waterfalls in complete safety. The activity takes over three hours with no break. You’ll begin with a two-metre jump and by the end you’ll be jumping from a height of 7 metres. Impressive, right? It only takes a small dose of courage to make the leap.

In addition to your memories of the experience you’ll be able to take home a photo reportage from the organisers at the end of the activity. So save a space in your family photo album for this fun day out in the great outdoors.