If you’re a bit of an adventurer and, especially, are not afraid of heights, here are a few experiences for you. They prove that the same activity can give you an adrenaline rush and help you to relax. Here are some ideas to enjoy the world of aviation, hot air balloons and paragliding all over Catalonia.

Let the wind carry you along the Costa Brava

There’s a great way of seeing the Costa Brava coastline, including the Montgrí Massif, its castle, Illes Medes Natural Park, Pals beaches and Las Gavarres Mountain Range in just under an hour. How? In a hot air balloon! You can even help to prepare and inflate the balloon early in the morning. Half an hour later you’ll be ready to be lifted up, float along and observe towns such as Ullastret, Peratallada, Palau-sator and Verges.

Dare to fly over Ivars lake


In Pla d’Urgell there’s a magical spot that is truly mesmerising – Ivars and Vila-sana, the largest lake in Catalonia. Go on a guided tour and explore this freshwater lake and its biological diversity. Then you’ll be able to discover the importance of Urgell Canal in the area at the Cultural Space in Mollerussa. And then comes the best part – enjoy the experience of a lifetime and fly a plane yourself, and soar high in the sky, over the lake, the canal and the irrigation channels.

A bird’s-eye view of La Garrotxa volcanoes

Start off your trip by spending the night in the medieval town of Santa Pau. When you wake up you’ll be in for a treat – a hot air balloon ride that will glide freely over La Garrotxa Volcanic Area so you can see it in a whole new way. The craters and patterns on the land are even more amazing from the air. And to top it off, you’ll enjoy a glass of cava and a slice of “coca de llardons”, a traditional cake. When you finish you can tuck in to a traditional meal with “fesols de Santa Pau” beans and desserts from La Cooperativa la Fageda.

An adventure across land, water and air at the Congost de Mont-rebei Gorge

Spend three days in La Noguera and be amazed by this natural wonder. The Noguera Ribagorçana River crosses the Montsec Mountain Range, forming a spectacular gorge. Sail in a boat on turquoise water and make your way back along a path dug out of the rock, where you can enjoy the scenery from above. The getaway also includes a visit to the Universe Observation Centre, first-time paragliding with an instructor who will guide you across the skies of Montsec, and a guided tour to discover the charming Os de Balaguer.

A journey through history in the land of the Ausetani

Ausetani – this is the name of the Iberian settlements living in La Plana de Vic and the surrounding mountains. You only need one weekend to explore them. Start off by flying over the area in a hot air balloon at over 1,000 metres. After a country lunch, you can go on a trip to the Guilleries-Savassona nature area and the Iberian settlement of Casol de Puigcastellet. The next morning you decide what you want to do: you can visit the Iberian fortification of Montgròs, in Montseny Natural Park, or the Iberian settlement of L’Esquerda, in Roda de Ter, and its archaeological museum.

Glide next to vultures and eagles in the Pyrenees

Enjoy the scenery of the Pyrenees – go paragliding in Berga! A professional pilot will accompany you and will be in charge of getting everything ready and taking off when necessary. Take-off is the most nerve-racking moment, but you’re sure to relax during the flight. From the peace and quiet of the air you’ll be able to observe the Sanctuary of Queralt, Port del Comte, Valley of Lord and Pla de Bages. You might even fly close to a bearded vulture, which is a unique species.