When the summer ends and the temperature begins to drop, it is a good time to explore the main exhibits of Catalan Modernism. We propose that you enjoy a modernist Autumn, full of special effects, much creativity and inspiring landscapes.

Experience Gaudi life 

Interaction, inspiration and modernist creation. You will find it all on this tour which begins with the Gaudí Experiencia, where you will be immersed in the creative universe of Gaudí in an interactive way and using 4D technology. Get ready to see and touch a forest that turns into striking columns, discover chimneys towering over an army of warriors and fly over a roof hiding a dragon’s skin… and hold on tight to your chair, because here Modernism moves and it moves a lot! You’ll soon see.
Next, an artist will guide you through the most special details of the Park Güell. If you have been sufficiently inspired by the natural forms in the park, taking part in the trencadis (mosaic-like) workshop. Try out the mosaic technique and show off your creativity. And to round off the modernist experience, a very artistic aperitif in the artist’s workshop.

A virtual tour of Gaudí Modernism

See the Gaudí masterpiece in a different, interactive way is what the Gaudí Experience offers you. This adventure through modernism using 4D technology will submerge you in the mind of Gaudí. You will discover all the mysteries and enigma surrounding the masterpiece. You will interact and experience all kinds of sensations through the surround sound, the special effects and the moving armchairs. Next, you can visit the exhibition area with an interactive wall space bringing this amazing architect’s life and work within your reach. You will see unprecedented models and you will be able to enjoy the kids zone as a family. All this, right beside the Park Güell. Ready to experience the Gaudí masterpiece?

Next stop: Sagrada Familia

Jump on the bus and get ready to enjoy three of the most well-known works of Antoni Gaudí. The Gaudí Sagrada Familia Tour, with expert guide included, will first take you down the Paseo de Gracia. There you will see Barcelona bourgeois buildings full of architectural details from the 19th c. and numerous luxury stores. Next, a stop at Casa Batlló and Casa Milà to enjoy them up close.
The gem of the tour is the Sagrada Familia cathedral. During the guided tour, you will be able to see countless innovative architectural elements which Gaudí introduced in the temple and the museum. And also compare the contrasting styles of the Birth and the Passion façades. Also, part of your ticket price goes towards helping to fund the completion of this masterpiece started in 1882.

A modernist treasure to be discovered

Would you like to get to know one of the most unique Gaudí masterpieces? The Bellesguard Tower of Barcelona (casa Figueres) During the guided tour (you also have the option of an audio-guide tour) you will get the chance to see how the straight lines, not very common in Gaudí’s work, prevail here.
This castle half way between Modernism and Gothic was the residence of Martí l’Humà I, the last king of the Catalan dynasty of the Manor of Barcelona until his death in 1410. In addition to taking a walk through the gardens you can also access the attic and the terraces. At the very top, you will not know whether to focus on the multi-coloured mosaic, or enjoy the panoramic views from this Gaudí masterpiece, one of the least well-known, at the foot of the Tibidabo mountain.

Colonia Güell: Gaudí’s laboratory

Stepping inside the Colonia Güell in Santa Coloma de Cervelló is like travelling back in time to the 19th Century. It is a small textile city, full of modernist exposed brick and iron buildings, decorated with ceramic Catalan mosaic (trencadis): the doctor’s house, the school, the theatre… And Gaudí’s Crypt, an unfinished church and which served as Gaudí’s test lab for the Sagrada Familia. Here Gaudí used his architectural innovations for the first time and as a single unit.
During the guided tour, you will see the twisted columns, the catenary arcs and much more. In the ancient cooperative, there is an interesting permanent exhibition about the colony as a whole. Via an audiovisual presentation, you will learn about daily life in a textile colony, through the eyes and experiences of a little girl. And you will also find the reproduction of the stereostatic model which Gaudí used to visualised the structure of the church in three dimensions.

Tour of the Landscape of Geniuses, as a family

Would you like to find out the most favourable environments for creating geniuses? Come on the Tour of the Landscape of Geniuses as a family or with friends. You will discover the essence of the landscapes of the Costa Daurada and the Terres de l”Ebre which inspired the work and the personalities of Gaudí, Miró, Casals and Picasso. And you will also get to find out lots of interesting facts! Did you know that Picasso lived for a while in a cave in the Els Ports National Park, in Horta de Sant Joan?
You can begin the route in any of the five cultural centres that it is comprised of: Gaudí Centre in Reus, Centre Miró in Mont-roig, Casa Nadiua i Vil·la Museu Pau Casals in El Vendrell and the Picasso Centre in Horta de Sant Joan. And you can go round on foot and also by bike. You will get to enjoy the landscape and the culture. And if you sign up for the genial card, you will gain a lot of benefits.