Get your backpack and water bottle ready – we’re off on a getaway. Summer is just around the corner and we all fancy fun, original activities. In Catalonia you can do everything: go to the beach, the mountain and even try out alternative tourism. Check out these five original activities so you can make the most of your getaway.


Excitement ahead on the Route of the Refuges

Montsant is neither the highest nor the most famous mountain in Catalonia, but it is the symbol of the Priorat region and the setting for thousands of adventures. Here you can practice extreme sports and take cool photos to upload to social media. In the mountains of Prades you can hear the singing of local birds and experience the calm of the lake. Do you fancy a more adventurous or relaxing break?

If you like nature tourism and want to go hiking in Catalonia, try the Route of the Refuges in Cornudella de Montsant on the Costa Dorada. The landscapes are unique and of spectacular beauty, you’ll discover the path of the Tosques, the Niu de l’Àliga, the Tossal de la Baltasana… among many others.

A good opportunity to leave stress behind and surrender to the tranquillity in the air, its leafy paths and small towns will help you relax and return home with renewed energy.


Discover the mines in the Val d’Aran

If you are thinking of taking your kids with you on the getaway, why not take them to the Val d’Aran and experience an adventure? The whole family can put themselves in the shoes of some authentic miners in this activity, where you will discover the secrets hidden among the galleries. Are you curious to know how the miners lived in the area until the first half of the 20th century? Here’s a clue, there was no Wi-Fi connection back then. But the natural environment and the local fauna is so incredible that you don’t even need a smartphone to distract you. Also, the little ones will go nuts when they see the young of newts and the tadpoles. They’re not dangerous, so let’s see if they let themselves be touched!

For adults and photography lovers, visiting the mines of Liat is a marvel, a place for hiking in Catalonia full of incredible places to take photos and videos while visiting the most important mines in the Val d’Aran.

If you are looking for an original getaway with children, we suggest the High Mountain Mines in the Val d’Aran with the whole family. You won’t regret it!


Enduro Mountain Biking adventure through the Collegats nature reserve

An Enduro MBT experience and feeling the mountain is amazing, but even better if it’s in a nature reserve. Enduro mountain bikes are all-terrain bicycles that are used to traverse mountains through the most complicated tracks. So get ready to feel the speed!

If you want to get to know one of the best places in the Pre-Pyrenees where you can go crazy pedalling, check out Collegats, an impressive landscape where you can feel nature and enjoy Enduro Mountain Biking.

On the south face of Collegats there is a desert of red rocks – guaranteed to push up the adrenaline – and in the north, forests of oaks and pines, so you can feel the wilderness around you. Are you ready for the Enduro MBT experience?


Enjoy the burricleta by the Bages

Not all getaways are the same, you can also try alternative tourism and experience the burricleta. And no, a burricleta is not a donkey with wheels but a rural electric bicycle. A fun way to spend the day and see the world while cycling.

In this 12 km guided route you will get to know the Bages region: Sant Benet del Bages, the Llobregat river… and many more surprises. At the end of the route you can visit the bell tower of Navarcles, enjoy the view and, above all, take a lot of photos of the incredible panorama.

After the burricleta nothing better than stopping to rest and to enjoy some wines of DO Pla de Bages, all a wonder for the senses.


Wine tourism in Subirats

DO Penedès is known for its high quality among experts. Its white wines offer the palate a feeling of well-being, with their smooth texture and a perfect balance between acidity and alcohol.

If you enjoy good wine tastings and nature, you cannot miss the Subirats activity. An opportunity to visit wineries and do some wine tourism in a different way, by bicycle.

Knowing an authentic winery and smelling that characteristic fragrance is something that must be experienced. In addition, the wineries of Subirats are in a magical place where the sunlight sneaks between the vineyards to offer visitors some unforgettable sights.