Olive oil is one of our greatest allies in the kitchen, but at the same time a real unknown. It is our hallmark as a culinary land.

Discovering the innermost secrets of how it is grown, produced and cared for is an experience that all true lovers of cuisine should experience.

Not to mention wine, another essential feature of our lives, ever present at any celebration whether large or small, like another member of the family. Learn about how it is produced, its history, and taste samples of the region’s finest wines.

These are just some of the experiences to be enjoyed over a weekend as you learn about our natural gold.


Olive oil tourism along the Costa Brava

Have you ever fancied spending the day surrounded by olive trees, learning how oil is made and finding out about the different types of olive?

Then olive oil tourism is for you.

Here we invite you to step inside the world of olive oil and enjoy a unique experience on the Costa Brava, with the chance to discover and see for yourself the traditional process by which oil is made, with millstones and basketwork just like in the olden days. Weather permitting, the olive groves themselves can be visited. An utterly perfect experience for lovers of olive oil.

Back to the origins of this golden elixir

If you are aiming to unwind from the city, enjoy fresh air while sampling the region’s finest wines and olive oils, this getaway in Les Garrigues is just what you have been looking for.

A number of guided tours are included: a visit to the Bodega Viña los Vilars winery to taste two types of wine, with a Vilars-Roble to take away as a gift, along with a visit to the ancient Iberian fort of Vilars de Arbeca, Arbeca Castle and Espluga Calba Castle. There will also be time to take in the Argilés Olive Oil Mill, to get some idea of how oil was produced in the 19th century.

Stay at an outstanding location and eat a lunch of traditional local Catalan cuisine.

Without doubt an unmissable culinary and historical experience. Are you up for it?

Heighten your sense of smell as you enjoy a weekend in El Priorat

Discover the essence of the cooperative spirit in the DO Montsant and DOQ Priorat wine regions, with trips to the Cornudella and Nouveau wineries as well as Vinícola del Priorat, the only wine-making cooperative in the DOQ Priorat, made up of small-scale producers who handle the whole process of production, presentation and marketing of the wine.

There will also be a trip to the Olive Oil Mill in Vilella Alta. Here visitors learn how extra virgin olive oil is produced, and have the chance to taste a sample in an unrivalled setting.

If you love wine and oil and would like to enjoy a weekend amid Catalonia’s most renowned vineyards, then sign up for this experience. A relaxing weekend spent enjoying the crown jewels of our cuisine.

Experience a weekend of wine and olive oil

If you are looking to organise something different for a weekend, this is one of our ideal plans for lovers of cuisine.

Enjoy a weekend amid olive trees and vineyards. Take in a guided tour of the Celler Mas Blanch I Jové winery and a trip to the Catalan Olive Oil Museum, along with a guided tasting of olive oils paired with local produce at the Culinary Area of the Catalan Olive Oil Culture Centre.

All combined with accommodation in the former house of the shepherd who cared for the flocks at Cal Cabré, now refurbished, respecting the original features of the building while providing all the rooms with every possible creature comfort.

A weekend far from the city, with culinary activities that will make you long for more weekends like this.

Discover the oldest olive tree in the world

Olive oil is one of the key elements in understanding the essence of Mediterranean culture, a crop grown for more than 2 thousand years by all the successive cultures that have settled in our fertile land.

This getaway offers the chance to discover the most ancient olive trees in the world, over 1701 years old, along with a visit to the L’Arion Millennial Olive Tree Natural Museum to marvel at 35 veritable living sculptures, their vast trunks and gnarled forms forged by the years and the scars left in their bark.

A perfect family activity allowing youngsters to enjoy the natural world and learn about Catalan culture from an agricultural perspective.

Culinary weekend in Alt Empordà

How would you like to spend a weekend strolling the same lands as Salvador Dalí and the poet Carles Ribà, while discovering the innermost secrets of the local wineries?

Explore the vineyards that produce the grapes behind the DO Empordà wine region, giving them such a special and distinctive taste. We can let you into a little secret: it has to do with the northerly Tramuntana wind. There will also be culinary tastings to sample the characterful olive oils made from the harvest of specialist cooperatives.

A getaway for which you can use your own transport, and a laid-back and delicious way to get back to your roots.