When you think of Les Garrigues, you’re reminded of the taste of olive oil, the delicious fruity juice of fresh olives, so dense and flavourful… But there’s much more to enjoy in this region. Two examples: wine tourism and the Espai Macià, dedicated to the former president of the Catalan government, the Generalitat. We invite you to spend a few days in Les Garrigues.

In l’Albagés, the climate has opened up an unexpected window in the region for the cultivation of grapevines by providing moderate rainfall, low environmental moisture and extreme temperatures. Only extreme temperature variations between night and day give the vines the rest they need to be able to grow. These elements –and the skill of the wine expert Martí Magriñá– endows the wines from the Clos Pons winery in the DO Costers del Segre Designation of Origin with their distinctive character.

A guided visit reveals the Pons family’s total dedication to making this project so successful. The current winery –a building in the style of a French château, set on the crest of a hill and equipped with the latest technology– was built in 2012, and was the consolidation of this venture into the world of wine that began in 2005.

Geographically, Clos Pons is located in Les Garrigues, one of the most traditional Catalan olive oil producing regions. In recent years, certain vineyards –such as the Tomàs Cusiné winery– have set out to challenge the hegemony of the olive groves. Your wine compass marks this as the next stop on your two-day tour around Les Garrigues. The guided route will show you where they make these wines, which are already exported to over thirty countries and have obtained scores of over 90 points in such prestigious rankings as the Guía Peñín and Robert Parker.

Rural tourism, accompanied by olive oil

It is essential to learn more about olive oil in this region dedicated to its cultivation. Cal Pastor is the ideal place for two reasons: it’s the rural accommodation where you’ll spend the night, and they offer a themed tour of the estate to discover the world of olive oil. You’ll see how the olive tree is cultivated, the stone farm buildings, the olive harvest, the oil mills, and you’ll finish in a workshop where you’ll learn how to make soap.

An excursion to Les Garrigues wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Espai Macià, a visitor centre that recounts the political and life journey of the legendary president of Catalonia.