Cycling enthusiasts count the El Bages region among their favourite destinations. And not only because of its bike routes, but also because of its wines from the Pla de Bages Designation of Origin. Why not come on a two-day cycling tour to discover the wineries and landscapes typical of the wine culture of El Bages?

The itinerary covers 50 kilometres, and is divided into two stages. The first begins at the Manresa bus station, where you’ll see the stone wine vats at Tres Salts. These vats are the typical constructions used for producing wine, particularly in the late 16th century. In the 17th century they became more widespread throughout the region.

A visit to the monastery of Sant Benet de Bages

The route continues towards the monastery of Sant Benet de Bages (founded in 960) where you can take a guided visit, see the spectacular audiovisual show with holograms, and have lunch. In the evening you’ll enjoy your first wine-tasting session in the family-run winery of Solergibert de Artés, a small winery cultivating around ten hectares of vineyards. Then the final stint of peddling of the day will take you to the Masia l’Abadal, a restaurant and rural accommodation where you can dine on dishes from traditional Catalan cuisine, and spend the night. When you arrive you’ll find the table laid on antique wine vats.

The home-made croquettes at La Xicra

The following day’s bike ride will take you up to Horta d’Avinyó where you can immerse yourself in the wine tradition at the Abadal winery. You’ll be given a tour of the facilities and be invited to taste some of its best-known wines. At the end of the tasting it’s back on your bike and off to Artés to discover the restaurant La Xicra. You’ll find yourself almost miraculously restored after all your efforts by their home-made croquettes! This is the last stop before setting out on your return to the starting point, the bus station at Manresa.

Fancy a bike ride?

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