In the book “The Little Prince” it says: “All grown-ups were once children. (But only few of them remember it)”. Would you like to relive your childhood memories? In Tivissa you can enjoy a classic child’s pastime –a love of climbing to high places. How? By going climbing in the Foix gorge.

You’ll be able to climb like a child, but with all the precautions of an adult: helmet, harnesses, ropes, and the advice of an experienced guide who’ll accompany you at all times and provide you with all the necessary equipment.

The Foix gorge is a dry canyon with four large sections of steps and cables, and is especially recommended for initiation on the via ferratas. The summit, with its evocative views over the Ebro plain and the Sierra del Montsant, will evoke a multitude of childhood adventures.

Your getaway to the Terres de l’Ebre begins in the heights and now continues in the water. Here too you’ll be able to play at being a kid again. This two-hour guided kayak route down the Ebro river from Vinebre to Miravet is the ideal way to discover the villages on the riverbank, the riverside woodlands, the water fauna, and the river islands…

You can do the climb and the kayak circuit on the same day, or on two days. You choose which order to do them in. Your accommodation is reserved at 7 de Ribera. This small guesthouse in Móra d’Ebre offers a range of delicious typical lunches featuring local fare made with organic produce, and a classic “clotxa”, a local dish prepared with half a loaf of rustic bread filled with tomatoes, onions, garlic, olive oil and herrings. Don’t leave Las Terres de l’Ebre without trying it!