October 2019

Experience olive oil tourism and discover our region’s liquid gold

8 October 2019|

Olive oil is one of our greatest allies in the kitchen, but at the same time a real unknown. It is our hallmark as a culinary land. Discovering the innermost secrets of how it is grown, produced and cared for is an experience that all true lovers of cuisine should experience. Not to mention wine, [...]

September 2019

Let’s toast! Discover Catalonia’s wine tourism routes

5 September 2019|

Wine tourism is a unique experience: walking among the vineyards, finding out about the history of the wineries and, of course, sampling some of the best local wines. With friends, with your partner, with your family.... getting to know wine routes and enjoying nature is always quite the adventure.  Discover all these activities and toast [...]

July 2019

Experience sports tourism this summer!

8 July 2019|

As the weather gets hotter, it's tempting to head out into the open air, as well as the water of course. A fun weekend trying out sporting activities and discovering the beautiful landscapes of Catalonia doesn't sound like a bad idea, does it? Here we suggest 5 waterborne plans to enjoy this summer. Off we [...]

June 2019

Good weather and thousands of nature tourism activities

7 June 2019|

Get your backpack and water bottle ready – we’re off on a getaway. Summer is just around the corner and we all fancy fun, original activities. In Catalonia you can do everything: go to the beach, the mountain and even try out alternative tourism. Check out these five original activities so you can make the [...]

May 2019

Discover Catalonia through Catalan gastronomy

9 May 2019|

Sweet and salty flavours, modern and desired. The contact with the traditional preparation of local products and the reinvention of the most typical recipes. Bite your way through the Catalan regions and connect with the local culture and tradition. Take a gastronomic break in Catalonia and let the smells, touch and taste surprise your eyes [...]

April 2019

Five nature and family adventure ideas

12 April 2019|

If you are wondering where to go with kids, Catalonia’s forests and mountains offer the best ideas to enjoy some family tourism. Are you looking to relax, experience intense emotions or learn about local fauna? We’ve prepared a list of five activities that are suitable for the whole family, where nature is the main focus. [...]

December 2018

Peak snow in Catalonia

13 December 2018|

In the Catalan Pyrenees you'll find snow for all kinds of people –whether you're just starting out on snowshoes, or whizzing up and down the slopes to get the most out of the ski season. And if you fancy combining skiing with other winter activities or with culture and gastronomy, you can do that too. [...]

November 2018

Oil tourism, a way of savouring Catalonia

20 November 2018|

Come and explore the oil culture of Catalonia, paired with a good wine. You'll learn about oil from the people who love and care for it: the producers themselves. Cooperatives, oil presses and wineries all open their doors to tell you how they obtain this elixir of the land that was first brought to Catalonia [...]

May 2018

Outdoor culture for families

11 May 2018|

Spring has sprung... a spot of natural culture. Who can say no to a walk which enlightens you about Catalan Roman times in the open air or prehistoric art from the Bronze Age surrounded by nature and charming towns? Or to discovering native fauna in a very unique zoo? In Catalonia nature is adventure and [...]

April 2018

Cultural activities with the family in Catalonia

18 April 2018|

April is stirring and the warmer temperatures are tempting us outdoors to enjoy our surroundings. Come and discover some unique and spectacular natural spaces in Catalonia on both land and sea, and visit places steeped in 2,000 years of history. This 2018, why not experience culture in Catalonia and celebrate Cultural Tourism Year with us? [...]