VinyaSons Ametller Origen Festival

The VinyaSons Ametller Origen Festival offers you musical experiences in different wineries. The festival where music is not heard, but it is tasted.


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The VinyaSons Ametller Origin is the festival where music, wines and gastronomy combine to create unique experiences on summer nights.

An original proposal where you can enjoy the magic of live music from artists like In Crescendo, Paula Valls or Sara Pi, among others, and taste some of the best wines and cavas from emblematic Catalan wineries, accompanied by a menu of gastronomic tapas.

The price includes:

  • Visit to the winery
  • Concert
  • Wine tasting
  • Gastronomic tasting


  • All concerts start at 8:00 p.m.
  • Programme:
    • 28/06/2019 - Pavvla @ Olive Batllori (D.O. Penedès)
    • 29/06/2019 - Sara Terraza @ Finca Viladellops (D.O. Penedès)
    • 05/07/2019 - Felix Rossy Quintet @ Clos Montblanc (D.O. Conca Barberà)
    • 06/07/2019 - Guillem Roma @ Mas Vida (D.O.Empordà)
    • 12/07/2019 - Sara Terraza @ Can Bas (D.O. Penedès)
    • 13/07/2019 - Marina Tuset @ Adernats (D.O.Tarragona)
    • 19/07/2019 - In Crescendo @ Vilarnau (D.O. Penedès)
    • 20/07/2019 - Paula Valls @ Parato (D.O. Penedès)
    • 21/07/2019 - Les Fourchettes @ Mas Rodó (D.O. Penedès)
    • 26/07/2019 - Pavvla @ Can Calopa de Dalt (D.O. Catalunya)
    • 27/07/2019 - Celeste Alías i Manel Fortià @ Carol Valles (D.O. Penedès)
    • 02/08/2019 - In Crescendo @ Mas Geli (D.O. Empordà)
    • 03/08/2019 - Sara Pi @ La Vinyeta (D.O. Empordà)
    • 09/08/2019 - Les Fourchettes @ Avgvstvs Forvm (D.O. Penedès)
  • Duration of each concert: 2h and a half

Location of each winery:

  • Olive Batllori (D.O. Penedès) - Subirats (Barcelona)
  • Finca Viladellops (D.O. Penedès) - Viladellops, Olèrdola (Barcelona)
  • Clos Montblanc (D.O. Conca Barberà) - Aiguamúrcia, Tarragona
  • Mas Vida (D.O.Empordà) - C.Afores, s/n, La Mare de Déu de Vida, Cistella, Girona
  • Can Bas (D.O. Penedès) - Carretera de Vilafranca c243a, Km. 4, Subirats, Barcelona
  • Adernats (D.O.Tarragona) - C/ Estació, s/n, Nulles, Tarragona
  • Vilarnau (D.O. Penedès) - Carretera d'Espiells km 1,4, Finca Can Petit, Espiells, Barcelona
  • Parato (D.O. Penedès) - Camí de Can Raspall s/n, El Pla del Penedès, Barcelona
  • Mas Rodó (D.O. Penedès) - Carretera Sant Pere Sacarrera a Sant Joan de Mediona, Km 2, Barcelona
  • Can Calopa de Dalt (D.O. Catalunya) - Carretera BV-1468, Km4, 8, Collserola, Barcelona
  • Carol Valles (D.O. Penedès) - Can Parellada, Corral del Mestre, s/n, Can Cartrò-Subirats, Barcelona
  • Mas Geli (D.O. Empordà) - Els Masos de Pals, Pals (Girona)
  • La Vinyeta (D.O. Empordà) - Ctra. Mollet a Masarac, Mollet de Peralada, Girona
  • Avgvstvs Forvm (D.O. Penedès) - Carretera Sant Vicenç, s/n, El Vendrell, Tarragona


  • Catalan and Spanish


  • You should contact with the organizer to check the accessibility conditions of each winery


  • The voucher is valid for the date of purchase.
  • Present the printed voucher at the meeting point.
  • Cancellation Policy:
    • On the part of the company:
    • On the part of the client:



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