The Cathedral of the Sea, literary tour

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This literary tour will let you relive the stories of this exciting novel through its different locations; places that after almost 700 years we will revisit from a different perspective whilst admiring the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.

This is a unique opportunity to learn more about the characters and about one of the most emblematic monuments of Barcelona, Santa Maria del Mar, the apogee of Catalan Gothic art.


  • Plaça Nova, Bisbe street, Sant Jaume Square, Pl. del Rei, Pl. del Blat, Pl. de la Llana,Argenteria street, Canvis Vells, Consolat de Mar, Pla de Palau, Vidrera, Montcada, and Santa Maria del Mar.

Price includes:

  • The guided tour in Catalan and Spanish, it lasts 2 hours.


  • The tour takes place every Sunday of the year, at 10am.

Starting point: 

  • Santa Maria del Mar square. Must be at the departure point 10 minutes before the visit starts. The route will begin promptly at the scheduled time. The guide will bring a red umbrella.

Finishing Point: 

  • Plaça Nova (Joan Brossa Barcino letters)


  • Access with step from 2 to 5 cm, ramp with moderate incline, proper width gates, lift up to 5 people, adapted hygienic services. It is necessary help from another person in certain moments.

Points worth noting:

  • Capilla del Santísimo en Santa Maria del Mar: access with step
  • Roman Temple at Paradís Street: not accessible, but you can see it properly from outside.
  • Medieval Synagogue: not accessible.

Children under 10 free


  • The voucher is valid exclusively for the day reserved. Redeem voucher at the meeting point.
  • The visit is not recommended to 14-years-old minors.
  • It’s no necessary to read the book to enjoy the tour.
  • We recommend comfortable shoes and bring a bottle of water in summer.
  • Cancellation policy: In case of cancellation, up to 24 hrs before it will be free alerting via email. The company reserves the right to change the date of visit unless it has a minimum of 5 people registered.




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The Cathedral of the Sea, literary tour

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The Cathedral of the Sea, literary tour

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