Marc Márquez and 93 Km of castles

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Two days in la Segarra, land of the motorbike champion Marc Marquez, 93 km of route with Castles.

Weekend in la Segarra to discover the land of the motorcycle champion Marc Marquez, 93 km in length with visits to castles.

Discover: Cervera – Montfalcó – Vicfred-Torah – Vallferosa – Florejacs – Palouet – Les Pallargues.




Praktische Informationen

Sights and excursions descriptions
  • Exhibition Espai 93 Márquez: is located in the Museum Comarcal of Cervera, in main street 15, in the old quarter of the city. Occupies 120 m2, divided into three spaces:
    • Space box: simulation of a box where the teamwork, the preparation of the competition and the bike and the maximum time of concentration prior to the
      beginning of the race.
    • Space circuit: the circuit of Montmeló used to go along the path of the young pilot (beginnings, debut at the speed, pilot of 125cc world champion and Moto2 rider).
    • Own voice: more personal space where they show Marc; his city, Cervera; and its people.
    • (Museum Comarcal of Cervera. C/Major, 115. E-25200. Tel. +34 973 533 917. E-mail.)
  • Florejacs Castle: Castle documented in XI that was captured in the course of the Crusades and where is kept the Tower from the 14th century and the base of the wall, and later was a Manor House from the 16th century. Guided tour of 1 hour of the different rooms of the castle included in the package. Address: Plaza del Castillo, 1. Florejacs. E-25211 Lleida. Tel: +34 973 550 969/+34 629 732 579
  • Visit Pallargues Castle: Castle documented in 11th as part of a defensive network border that became Castle-Palace. Guided tour of 1 hour of the different rooms of the castle included in the package. Address: C/Prat de la Riba, 5. E-25212 Les Pallargues. Tel: +34 973 520 041
Optional visits (free)
  • Vila Closa of Montfalcó walled area: it is one of the architectural jewels of the lands of Lleida since it is a small village of the medieval period (XI century) built on a hill and that occupied a strategic position for surveillance and defence in the time of Christian Reconquest. It became the scene of various contentions wars. During the Catalonian civil war (1462-1472) were gathering forces in favour of King John and at the reapers war (1640-1652) was used as a place of refuge for Catalan and French forces. Access to the interior of the monumental takes place to a single entry. The houses are arranged around a small Plaza and the alleys that intersects with a radial structure.
  • VicFred Castle: The native Vicfred Castle was much larger than what we can see today, many of the remnants of the old building are located within of the houses that surround the place. Today we find a great Mansion from the 17th and 18th centuries with an extensive collection of paintings, tapestries, weapons, musical instruments and costumes. The medieval elements of the Castle (14th and 15th century) are found in the Eastern façade, and also on the ground floor, in the room covered with two large diaphragm arches and the impressive arcade of the paintings. The possibility of visits by individuals without reservation, every first Sunday of the month: 11h am, 12h and 13h or all days of the week reservation, Tel. +34 973 402 045. Web:
  • The village of Torah: Municipality located in the Llobregós Valley, at the confluence with the stream of Llanera, on the border of the Solsonès and Anoia, where you can find many places of interest of great visual age.
  • Tower of Vallferosa: unique, in many of its features, is considered the masterpiece of European military architecture of the 10th century. The Tower evolved stately residence. The building, now disappeared had about 11 feet high, and probably was used as an internal Union in the Tower, which today is the tunnel close to the entrance and which is at the height of the entrance of the original tower in the 10th century. The entire complex was the castle of Vallferosa.
The package includes
  • 1 night in a double room with breakfast at La Casa de Baix
  • The exhibition space 93 Márquez visit in the museum comarcal of Cervera
  • Florejacs castle guided visit
  • Pallargues castle guided visit
  • Dinner at No Badis Restaurant in Cervera
  • Tourist route information
  • Travel Insurance. (Check the conditions here)

*Accommodations and special rates for groups.

*Price per person. Minimum 2 people.

Accommodation description
  • Casa de Baix (HUTL-000103): It is a country house of about 1700 in the old town of Cervera. Completely restored, trying to alter the minimum its original structure and to preserve the maximum construction elements, using the most appropriate ecological criteria.
  • Visits are in Catalan, Spanish and English
The price does not include
  • Tourist tax to pay directly to the hotel
  • The transports are not included

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  • The experience is not accessible
  • Biosphere Certification – Sustainibility Lifestyle


  • Once you have purchased the package please send email to Tu i Lleida, SL. to make the reservation. 
  • All booking is on request subject to availability. 
  • The purchase of the package is valid for 6 months from the time of your purchase.

Cancellation Charges:

  • 50% of the total amount if you cancel your booking with less than 48 hours
  • 100% of the amount if you cancel with less than 24 hours.

*We offer you the opportunity to take out a cancellation insurance policy. (Check out the general and particular terms and conditions here)

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Marc Márquez and 93 Km of castles

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Marc Márquez and 93 Km of castles


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