Catllar Castle guided tour

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Visit the Interpretive Center of Baix Gaià castles and enjoy the panoramic views

Catllar Castle is the only castle border of Baix Gaià has been a museum and visited today.

It is located on the remains of a town protohistórico (s. VIII-V BC) on a hill overlooking a river meanders reading. Although traditionally dated to the eleventh century, when the river was the border between the Catalan counties and the kingdom of Al-Andalus, or even before, the preserved remains dating mainly from the twelfth to sixteenth.

The guided visit to the Catllar Castle is mandatory.

During the visit to the castle, you start doing a tour outside the walled perimeter where you can walk inside the pit, watch the different phases of the wall and into the ice well (s. XVII). Once inside the castle has three visual help to understand the evolution of the fortifications throughout the centuries, their functions and make the process of recovery of monument from the late 90th century. Until the early twentieth century. Twenty-first when the council acquires the building. Finally climb up the tower to admire the view of the southern region.

*Free: Teaching license (with students) and people with functional diversity

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Praktische Informationen

The price includes
  • The guided visit
  • Free:
    • Children under 8 years
    • Teaching license (with students)
    • Functional diversity card

 *If the reduced rate is selected, the supporting documentation must be presented at the meeting point (Point of information located opposite the main entrance of the castle. Street Quintana del Castell s/n – El Catllar)

  • High season (del 15/06 to 13/09):
    • Tuesday to Saturday:
      • 10.15h | 12.15h | 18h
    • Sunday:
      • 10.15h | 12.15h
    • Night visit:
      • Friday at 21h, with previously reservation
  • Low season (14/09 to 14/06)
    • Sunday and Saturday:
      • 10.15 h | 12.15 h
    • From April 7:
      • Saturday at 18.00 h
    • The rest of the days of the week, set an appointment
  • Duration of visit:
    • 90 minutes approx.
  • Closed: 01/01, 06/01, 11/09, 01/11, 06/12, 08/12, 13/12, 25/12 and 26/12
  • Catalan, Spanish, English and French
  • The visual of the castle are in these languages

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Meeting point
  • Information point located opposite the main entrance of the castle (Street Quintana del Castell s/n – El Catllar)
  • The monument is not ready for people with reduced mobility or with visual or hearing difficulties.


  • The voucher is valid exclusively reserved for the day and time.
  • Deliver the voucher on the meeting point (Point of information located opposite the main entrance of the castle – (Street Quintana del Castell s/n – El Catllar).).
  • For any question, you can call +34 600 460 488

Cancellation policy:

  • Cancellation without cost up to 24 hours before the visit. From that moment no money will be refunded.

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Ajuntament del Catllar (Castell del Catllar)
Lizenz-Nummer | ID Nummer P4304400G
+34 600 460 488 /+34 977 653 101 Plaça de la Vila, 1 El Catllar, E-43764

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Catllar Castle guided tour

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Catllar Castle guided tour

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